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My Best Tour to San Miguel de Allende

My Best Tour to San Miguel de Allende

  • 3 days
  • Start: San Miguel de Allende
  • End: San Miguel de Allende
  • Visiting: San Miguel de Allende, México
  • Categories: Arquitectónico, Cultural, Gastronomía, Top Tour
  • Recommended to: Adultos Mayores, Amigos, Parejas, Familias


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Travel Designer Review

I know that there are many travel articles and itineraries about San Miguel de Allende. My challenge is to do the best travel itinerary to San Miguel. After a month of living here I think I made it. One day of photographic walking tour in the city, one day tour to visit Guanajuato and finally visit the vineyards of San Miguel and do ecotourism.

Tere Roman

Teresa Roman

Travel Adviser

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