Tours to Copper Canyon on the Legendary Tren Chepe

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Called by the Society of American Travel Writers as "The world's most exciting train ride".

Tours to Copper Canyon on the Legendary Tren Chepe

The trip on the Chepe Train in Copper Canyon is the most fantastic and wonderful tour of Mexico. Take a trip to the past and immerse yourself in the mountainous nature of the Sierra Tarahumara.

Copper Canyon is crossed by the construction of the El Chepe rails. A Mexican engineering masterpiece that has a length of more than 600 kilometers. The Chepe train crosses with its passengers tunnels and bridges on an extension that is 5 times larger than that of the famous Colorado Canyon in the United States.

Truly the tours to Copper Canyon are wonderful. El Chepe's tour to the Copper Canyon is one of the most famous train trips in the world. During the tour you will not only see wonderful landscapes. You will also get a deep contact with the history of ancient cultures such as the Tarahumaran. If you want to know how special they are read this article: "Mexico's indigenous Raramuri runners chase Olympic dreams".

Luxurious boutique hotels await you at each station where the Chepe Train stops. These hotels complement your trip to become an unforgettable experience. In many of the hotels you have the opportunity to take a guided walk through the surroundings that show breathtaking views.

Mirador Hotel is undoubtedly the best hotel on the entire Chepe route. It is located on the edge of a canyon in an area known as Divisadero and has one of the most beautiful terrace views in the world. Almost 100% of the tours we offer include lodging in this magnificent hotel.

In the surroundings of the hotel there it is Copper Canyon Adventure Park. In this adventure park you can practice incredible activities such as the Zip Ridder that is the largest zip line in the world or the via ferrata, only for the bravest. There is also the longest cable car in Mexico and the option to buy Tarahumaran crafts in the market.

The Copper Canyon tour on the Chepe train can begin and end in the state of Chihuahua or in Los Mochis, Sinaloa. The most advisable thing is to start at one of these stations and finish at the other to be able to see the Chepe train route in its entirety.

All Hoteleus itineraries visit Divisadero area. This is the central and most important point of the trip. Our travel agents specialized in trips to Copper Canyon and the Chepe Train can advise you for free on how to make your trip on the Chepe train route in the Copper Canyon and maximize your travel experience. In Hoteleus you will find more itineraries and possibilities to make your tour to Copper Canyon than anywhere else. We have more than 40 options and our specialized travel agents can make modifications to fit the itinerary to your liking. In most tours we only offer the best hotel services in Copper Canyon.

Within the tours to Copper Canyon two types stand out for being the most popular. Next we describe the advantages of each one. The first are the tours that have the words "Two Trains" in their name. These tours focus on making the most of the trip to Copper Canyon by train. Also that tourists board the two trains: the Chepe Regional train and the Chepe Express train. If your main reason for the trip is to see the Chepe train, we recommend choosing one of these tours.

The second are the tours that have the word "Basaseachi" in their name. The advantage of these tours is the visit to the Basaseachi Waterfall, one of the most beautiful places in Copper Canyon and Mexico. Basaseachi National Park is only accessible by road. Another advantage is that theres tours regularly have a promotional price that makes them very attractive. If your objective of this trip is to get to know the Chepe train and also all the attractions of Copper Canyon, we recommend some of these tours.

Another decisive factor faced by visitors of Copper Canyon is deciding where to start and end their trip. It is possible to start and finish in Los Mochis or Chihuahua. Our general advice is that it is best to start in one of the cities and finish in the other to visit as much as possible. The decision also depends on train schedules. For example, at one time the Chepe Express train departed from Los Mochis towards Creel in the afternoon. Creel is a beautiful Tarahumara town that has been declared a magical town. With this schedule it was unfortunately impossible to see the most beautiful part of the route of the train because the train passed through this section at night. After knowing this, you can imagine how bad planning can influence your trip. For this reason we strongly advise you to consult with one of the agents specialized in trips to Copper Canyon of Hoteleus.

The tours to Copper Canyon offered in Hoteleus mainly focus on offering the most exclusive and luxurious hotel services of Copper Canyon. We know that our clients' travel experience is much better when they stay at the best hotels in Copper Canyon. If you consult another travel agency we suggest you to be very careful and read the itinerary carefully that they offer you. The cost of the tours depends on the category of the hotels, the type of train and the class inside the train.

Many tourists are disappointed to learn that they hired services in hotels without a view of the Canyons, with only one train transfer and with long journeys by bus. 

In addition to offering the best services and itineraries in Copper Canyon, we also offer the best price. If you find an offer that has the same services as in our tours at a better price, we guarantee that we will improve it.