Day 5: Creel - Chepe Express Train CI - lodging El Fuerte

Breakfast at Quinta Mision
Start your day with a healthy American breakfast at the Quinta Mision hotel in Creel.

07:00:00 hrs.
Transfer to the train station provided by your hotel

Your hotel will provide you the transfer to the train station.

08:00:00 hrs.
CI aboard the Chepe Express from Creel to El Fuerte

Train ticket in the new and luxurious Chepe Express. See the imposing Copper Canyon in this section that runs from the train station in Creel to the station in El Fuerte.

The schedule is great because it is in the morning and the sun illuminates the Copper Canyon with all its intensity.

15:35:00 hrs.
Transfer from the train station to the hotel in El Fuerte
Transfer from the Chepe train station in El Fuerte to the Hotel Posada del Hidalgo.

Free Day at El Fuerte
El Fuerte was declared as one of the Magic Towns of Mexico in 2009. The town has many historical, natural, gastronomic and cultural attractions rooted in the colonial era and the indigenous traditions of the Yoremes or Mayos. El Fuerte was founded in 1563 by the conquerors who were constantely attacked by the natives of the area. For this reason they had to build a fort, which gives the name to the town of El Fuerte and the river that surrounds it. In El Fuerte we recommend visiting the Municipal Palace, the Plaza de Armas and the El Fuerte Museum. The town is also famous for the rock art found in the Río Fuerte basin. These cave inspirations were left by the Nahoas indigenous. The paintings attract historians and tourists for their diversity of content and historical wealth.

Lodging at Hotel Posada del Hidalgo at El Fuerte ****
Night at the Hotel Posada del Hidalgo at El Fuerte, a beautiful colonial style hacienda. The Hacienda was once house of famous people like Venustiano Carranza and Diego de la Vega, better known as "El Zorro". It was also the mansion of the wealthiest man in El Fuerte, Don Rafael Almada. Today the hotel offers a unique experience with its garden and colonial-style courtyards.