HOLY WEEK CHEPE EXPRESS TOURIST VIP 5 DAYS (Arrival Saturday March 27): Chihuahua-Menonitas-Creel-Barrancas-El Fuerte-Mochis 2021.

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5 Days:
Availability: 2021-03-27 al 2021-03-27
Start: Chihuahua, México
End: Los Mochis, México

On this trip the train transfers are on the Chepe Express Tourist Category train and the land transfers are cars subject to constant reviews. Accommodation will be in the best hotels in each season, the most recognized and emblematic at the national level in the Copper Canyon. The rooms have two double beds and do not have extra bed services. It is important that you do not forget to bring your printed train tickets, these will be sent to you by email after making your payment.This travel is special to enjoy the Copper Canyon during Holy Week. There are 5 days where you can know the most emblematic of each point indicated. Know the Best Time to Travel to Chepe and the Copper Canyon.Includes the Chepe Express Train, Adventure Park, Mirador Hotel, Quinta Misión Hotel and tours in the Mennonite fields and surroundings of Creel.It starts in Chihuahua and ends in Los Mochis. Enjoy the best views and the best tour this Easter through the Copper Canyon!

City of start

Chihuahua, México

City of end

Los Mochis, México

Recommended to

  • Semana Santa
  • Individuales
  • Parejas
  • Familias
  • Adultos Mayores
  • Amigos


  • Naturaleza
  • Cultural
  • Aventura
  • Ecoturismo
  • ¡Últimos lugares!

Price includes

  • Chepe Express train tickets tourist class, according to itinerary
  • Tickets to Copper Canyon Adventure Park
  • The best hotels at each station in Copper Canyon
  • Meals at Hotel Mirador according to arrival*
  • Everything mentioned in the Itinerary

Price excludes

  • The price excludes everything not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Tips
  • Does not include drinks

Expected hotels

  • Chihuahua
  • Ramada Encore ****
  • Creel
  • Quinta Misión ****
  • Copper Canyon
  • Hotel Mirador *****
  • El Fuerte
  • Hotel Posada del Hidalgo ****

Optional services

  • Add additional nights
  • Ask for more options and tours

Ciudades visitadas

  • Chihuahua, México
  • Creel, México
  • Barrancas del Cobre, México
  • El Fuerte, México
  • Los Mochis, México

Day 1 Arrival to Chihuahua - ChihuahuaVER MÁS

  • QM - Transfer from Chihuahua Airport to your hotel in Chihuahua
  • Upon arrival to Chihuahua airport, a driver will be waiting for you with a banner with your name to transfer you to the designated hotel in Chihuahua.

  • Free day in Chihuahua
  • A fantastic day awaits us in the historic city of Chihuahua. You can visit enigmatic places like the Museum of the Revolution and learn about the history of Pancho Villa. There are also beautiful cathedrals and tourist attractions such as La Quinta Gameros and the University Cultural Center that has been awarded for its modernist architecture. There are also shopping centers to visit but above all a delicious gastronomy. Don't miss out on any of Chihuahua's gourmet restaurants or street burritos.

  • Lodging at Hotel Ramada Encore ****
  • The renovated Ramada Encore Chihuahua hotel is a 4 star hotel located in the newest and business area of Chihuahua. In the surroundings there are shopping centers and restaurants. It also offers a complimentary buffet breakfast for all customers.

Day 2 Chihuahua - Memonite fields - CreelVER MÁS

  • Breakfast at Ramada Hotel in Chihuahua
  • Start your day with hot cakes or eggs prepared by the chef of the Ramada hotel. An energizing way to start your day.

  • 09:00 - QM - Transfer from Creel to Chihuahua with visit to the Mennonite Fields
  • In the morning we will have the transfer to Chihuahua, during this journey we will have the opportunity to visit the Mennonite community where you can know a little more of this special community.

  • Free Day at Creel
  • Creel is a tourist town nestled high in the Sierra Madre Occidental. The town was founded on May 26, 1907 in what was a Tarahumaran ranch known as Nariachi, and is an important stop of the Chepe train route in the Copper Canyon. Creel has been declared the Magic Town of Mexico because it is in a naturally beautiful areas. In the surroundings there are tourist attractions such as the Basaseachi waterfall, the Cusárare waterfall and the Arareko lake. In addition, tourists have the opportunity to witness closely the life of the Tarahumaras. Some of which continue to live in caves. In Creel you can go for walks in the surroundings, horseback riding, bike or motorcycle rides and visit the town to buy handicrafts.

  • Accommodation Option: Quinta Misión ****
  • Hotel Quinta Mision has the biggest and most comfortable rooms in Creel. It is a modern hotel that seeks the use of clean energy to provide quality and environmentally friendly services to guests. But at the same time it is sober and welcoming. It has wifi, boardroom, convention center, sports massage services, outdoor barbecue area and a lobby with table games.

Day 3 Creel - Arareko lake - San Ignacio - Valleys of rock formations - Adventure Park - Posada BarrancasVER MÁS

  • 07:00 - Breakfast at Quinta Mision
  • Start your day with a healthy American breakfast at the Quinta Mision hotel in Creel.

  • 09:00 - QM - Coper Canyon Adventure Park Tour + Creel Surroundings + Creel-Barrancas Transfer

  • Get ready for a day full of emotions! You will visit the famous Copper Canyon Adventure Park. In the park there are many viewpoints from which you can contemplate the magnificence of Copper Canyon. You can also enjoy, as an option, great tourist attractions such as the Cable Car or the largest Zipline in the world (additional cost not included). Fly over Copper Canyon at a speed of more than 90 km / h. A unique experience in life ideal for lovers of emotions. 

    Lunch (not included) can be done in the park or in the market of Divisadero. Where there are the most delicious and typical Chihuahuan snacks. 

    We will also visit Creel where we will tour the surroundings and in the Tarahumaran caves. Did you know that some Tarahumaras or raramuris can run more than 80 kilometers with bare feet? They are one of the most admirable and interesting indigenous communities in the world. And today we will have a great approach with their culture. We will also see beautiful and interesting natural sites such as the rock formations of the valleys of Las Ranas, Los Hongos and Lake Arareko.

  • Dinner included at the Mirador Hotel
  • At the Hotel Mirdor a dinner will be waiting for you while you watch the sunset at the Hotel from your table in the restaurant.;

    This beautiful hotel is embedded in the Copper Canyon. It has one of the best views in the world and during your dinner you can enjoy the view.

    Then you can go to relax on the terrace or in your room, which also has a view of the Canyon.

  • Hotel Mirador (Full board) *****
  • Admire the most astonishing view of all Copper Canyon Tours from your private terrace in Hotel Mirador. The indescribable beauty of the area will marvel you. Hotel Mirador is located on the edge of the canyon, in one of the highest areas of the Copper Canyon.Its unique architecture gives the hotel the impression of being embedded in the Barranca (canyon), a hotel with a unique structure, where each room has a special and magnificent view.In addition to the spectacular view, you will find a gourmet dining room and the option of doing long and beautiful walks to the surroundings.

Day 4 Posada Barrancas - Divisadero - Chepe Express Train - El FuerteVER MÁS

  • 07:00 - Breakfast Included at Hotel Mirador
  • Early in the morning you will enjoy an energizing breakfast buffet style in the restaurant or terrace of the Mirador Hotel overlooking the Copper Canyon.

  • Transfer from Hotel Mirador to the train station
  • Transfer from the Hotel Mirador to the train station in Posada Barrancas or Divisadero.

  • 09:55 - Chepe Express One-Way Tourist Class: Divisadero-El Fuerte T1
  • Train ticket on board the new and luxurious Chepe Express in the Tourist category from the Divisadero station to El Fuerte. Enjoy the only passenger train in Mexico on the new Chepe train. An exclusive and unforgettable experience. The Chepe train route in the Copper Canyon is recognized as one of the most beautiful train trips in the world. Crossing bridges, tunnels and canyons the passenger can admire the impressive nature of the Chihuahua mountain range.

  • 14:29 - Transfer from the train station to the hotel in El Fuerte
  • Transfer from the Chepe train station in El Fuerte to the Hotel Posada del Hidalgo.

  • Free Day at El Fuerte
  • El Fuerte was declared as one of the Magic Towns of Mexico in 2009. The town has many historical, natural, gastronomic and cultural attractions rooted in the colonial era and the indigenous traditions of the Yoremes or Mayos. El Fuerte was founded in 1563 by the conquerors who were constantely attacked by the natives of the area. For this reason they had to build a fort, which gives the name to the town of El Fuerte and the river that surrounds it. In El Fuerte we recommend visiting the Municipal Palace, the Plaza de Armas and the El Fuerte Museum. The town is also famous for the rock art found in the Río Fuerte basin. These cave inspirations were left by the Nahoas indigenous. The paintings attract historians and tourists for their diversity of content and historical wealth.

  • Lodging at Hotel Posada del Hidalgo at El Fuerte ****
  • Night at the Hotel Posada del Hidalgo at El Fuerte, a beautiful colonial style hacienda. The Hacienda was once house of famous people like Venustiano Carranza and Diego de la Vega, better known as "El Zorro". It was also the mansion of the wealthiest man in El Fuerte, Don Rafael Almada. Today the hotel offers a unique experience with its garden and colonial-style courtyards.

Day 5 El Fuerte - Los Mochis Airport- HomecomingVER MÁS

  • Breakfast at Hotel Posada del Hidalgo
  • This day we start with a delicious Sinaloense breakfast Buffet in the restaurant of Hotel Posada del Hidalgo.

  • Transfer from El Fuerte to Los Mochis Airport
  • Transfer to Los Mochis airport (approximately 2 hours). End of our services.

  • End of our services
  • We are glad you came with us! We hope you enjoyed the trip. Have a happy homecoming.


The maps are automatically generated and an indicative and inaccurate representation of the route.