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Oaxaca offers a perfect and cheap 4 to 8 day escape vacation for families, friends and couples. Enjoy the delicious food, visit workshops of Alebrijes, drink Mezcal and immerse yourself in folklore.


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Oaxaca and Huatulco Vacation Package 10 days

Oaxaca and Huatulco Vacation Package 10 days

  • 10 days
  • Start: Oaxaca
  • End: Huatulco
1,649 usd

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The city and state of Oaxaca have a special place in the Mexican culture. Oaxaca gave birth to very important characters in the history of Mexico. Porfirio Diaz and Benito Juarez, two of the most acclaimed presidents of Mexico were born in Oaxaca. The writer Jose Vasconcelos, the painter Rufino Tamayo and the sculptor Francisco Toledo are from Oaxaca. Their work is internationally recognized.

The appeal of the Oaxacan cultural is huge. As for the architecture, the center of the City of Oaxaca has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The cobbled streets are surrounded by architectural jewels of the VXI and XVIII centuries. For example, the Convent of Santo Domingo is probably the most beautiful in all of Mexico.

But there is still more, much more, Oaxaca is the gave recognized artistic inventions to the world. Alebrijes, colorful sculptures of fantastic beings that are found in Mexican art galleries and usually represent Mexico throughout the world come from.

Gastronomically Oaxaca is literally delicious. For many, Oaxacan food is the most delicious in all of Mexico. You can enjoy some feasts that you will never forget. A delicious Mezcal accompanied by mole or any other of the delicious dishes.

Archaeologically speaking Monte Alban, the most important pre-Hispanic Zapotec city, is found some miles away from Oaxaca City. This archaeological site is very interesting and visiting it, is a pleasure. It is located on the top of a mountain from which the views are stunning.

Finally, Oaxaca has unique nature attractions. A few miles away from the city is the Tule Tree, the widest tree in the world. Another of the most impressive attractions is Hierve el Agua. In this place you will observe a petrified stone waterfall in the middle of splendorous nature. In Oaxaca, you will also find beautiful beaches such as Huatulco, Zicatela and Puerto Escondido.

Oaxaca offers a perfect and cheap 4 to 8 day escape vacation for families, friends and couples.

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