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Escape to Adventure in Costa Rica

Escape to Adventure in Costa Rica

  • 5 days
  • Start: San José
  • End: San José
  • Visiting: San José, Costa Rica - Arenal, Costa Rica - San José, Costa Rica
  • Categories: Aventura, Tour Guiado, Ecoturismo, Top Tour
  • Recommended to: Amigos, Parejas, Familias


1,458 cad

valid until 27 - 10 - 2021

FROM 1,458 cad

Travel Designer Review

Do you want to enjoy a short trip with nature, adrenaline and fun? In this tour we will have: volcanoes, rappelling, rafting, waterfalls, pedal board, hot springs and more. Recommended for couples, friends, groups or families who like adventure.

Escape to Nature in Costa Rica (Fly and Drive)

Escape to Nature in Costa Rica (Fly and Drive)

  • 5 days
  • Start: San José
  • End: San José
  • Visiting: San José, Costa Rica
  • Categories: Fly and Drive, Aventura, Naturaleza, Top Tour
  • Recommended to: Parejas, Amigos


915 cad

valid until 27 - 10 - 2021

FROM 915 cad

Travel Designer Review

An amazing trip for couples that want to relax and Escape to Nature! Cahyote Lodge is a shrine of peace, nature and good taste. Experience a delicious coffee, inmerse in nature with your loved ones, walk to Bajos del Toro waterfall and visit the crater of Poas Volcano.

Escape to Costa Rica

Escape to Costa Rica

  • 5 days
  • Start: San José
  • End: San José
  • Visiting: San José, Costa Rica
  • Categories: Naturaleza, Ecoturismo, Top Tour, Tour Guiado
  • Recommended to: Parejas, Familias, Amigos, Adultos Mayores


1,136 cad

valid until 27 - 10 - 2021

FROM 1,136 cad

Travel Designer Review

In this short guided tour “Escape to Costa Rica” we will be able to see Isla Tortuga and its white sand beaches with crystalline turquoise waters. Also relax in Tobaco hot springs heated by the veins of Volcano Arenal.

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Tere Roman

Teresa Roman

Travel Adviser

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Costa Rica is a country between Nicaragua and Panama in Central America. It has a tropical latitude so the temperature is warm and humid, perfect for the development of Rainforest. This type of ecosystem is very rich in terms of biodiversity of flora and fauna. 

In Costa Rica, tourists enjoy and admire nature in all its splendor. Some of the most recognized animals are the sloths, a type monkey that sleeps 18 hours a day. But there are also other very appealing species, especially birds such as the Quetzal, which is recognized as the most beautiful bird in the world.

Another characteristic of the territory of Costa Rica is that it is located in an area of ​​where tectonic plates crash, known as the Belt of Fire, which has produced more than 200 volcanoes in Costa Rica. This is very attractive as the views are stunning. In addition, in cities like La Fortuna, near the Arenal Volcano, the energy of the earth causes the water in the rivers to heat up creating natural pools at very pleasant temperatures.

Costa Rica offers attractions for children, youth, adults, friends, couples and families in search of an adventure vacation, environmental awareness and nature. The good thing about Costa Rica is that in each destination there is something for everyone, although there are places to which some types of travelers are inclined more inclined. For example, families prefer to spend more time relaxing, so hot springs and beaches tend to be more attractive. Friends and young couples without children, tend to visit regions that offer more adventure with animal watching and canopying.

Costa Rica Attractions and Sights

The main attraction of Costa Rica is to live and enjoy its nature to the extreme. Being in the jungle surrounded by trees so huge and so green is an experience you will never forget. To this we must add the sound of animals, rain, waterfalls, butterflies, monkeys and the many birds that you can observe.

Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano is located approximately 160 kilometers away from San José, the capital of Costa Rica. The volcano was for many years the attraction that most tourists would seek in Costa Rica. It is a volcano that was active until 2010, the year in which the last eruption occurred. The region has an impressive tourist infrastructure, the hotels are submerged in nature and in many there are hot springs that reach 40 ° Celsius.

The main activities of the region are the flora and fauna sighting walks, canoeing, bathing in the hot springs, horseback riding and hiking in national parks.

Monte Verde

Monte Verde is located 140 kilometers from San José in one of the highest altitudes of Costa Rica. In the area you can see the most exotic bird species in the country, for example in the park of Curicancha you can see Quetzales, one of the most revered and beautiful birds on the planet. Prehispanic cultures thought Quetzales were gods. In this region are the most extreme adventure parks of Costa Rica. You can practice the Tarzan jump, the bungee jump, and the giant zip lines. In some of the zip lines you can throw yourself facing forward, this position is known as Super Man.

Manuel Antonio

The Manuel Antonio Natural Park is the most famous in all of Costa Rica, and one of the most visited in all of Latin America. It is located 230 kilometers from the city of San José. In this park you can see the four different monkeys that exist in Costa Rica. The two most loved are the White-Faced Monkey and the Sloths. In addition, in Manuel Antonio, there is one of the beaches that has been recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world by the Fortune Magazine.

Manuel Antonio, is also a beach destination so many of the visitors take the opportunity to sunbathe and relax.


Tortuguero is located 130 kilometers from the city of San José towards the Caribbean side. The main attraction of this area are the turtles and to Braulio Carrillo National Park. The views of the place are impressive, turtle lovers go crazy with happiness in this region. You can also observe other species of Costa Rica such as sloths and white-faced monkeys.

Puerto Viejo Limón

It is the area furthest from the city of San José, it is located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea very close to the border with Panama. Enjoy the nightlife, the white sand beaches and the nature of Puerto Viejo. The place where Costa Rica's beach is the most beautiful. The visitors of Puerto Viejo practice snorkeling and water activities during the day, some like to relax on the beach, nightlife is one of the best of the country.

Weather and Travel Dress Tips for Costa Rica

The climate in general in Costa Rica is humid and warm. However, there are regions where the altitude is higher and the temperature drops and there are strong winds. Therefore, it is advisable to take fresh, waterproof and windbreaker clothing. During your trip, you will most likely hike through the Rainforest and do adventure activities, so we recommend that you wear shoes that are suitable for hiking.

In the low tropical areas near the coasts, insects are abundant, so it is highly recommended to bring insect repellent. Also sun protection.

Many hotels have swimming pools, so it is also advisable to pack a bathing suit.

Best time to travel to Costa Rica

Costa Rica receives tourists all year. The winter season is the time when the warm weather is less extreme, but at this time it is also when there are more tourists. If you are interested in seeing a specific animal, we recommend investigating the best time of the year to see that species. For example, the birth of turtles in Tortuguero can be seen better from the end of October until the middle of February, with December and January being the best months.

How to make your travel in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a friendly and safe destination, it has all the necessary infrastructure to satisfy all types of tourists. You will greatly enjoy this experience that primarily focuses on nature. In Hoteleus we offer travel itineraries, tours and vacation packages to Costa Rica designed by our professional agents. All these tours can be adapted to specific needs and be done in different modalities and categories:

Category 3 to 5 Stars

The category refers mainly to the level of luxury that you will enjoy in your hotel. We have comfortable and economical lodging options; intermediate level, luxury and super luxury.

Fly and Drive modality

In this modality the vacation packages include the activities in the itinerary, the lodgings and the rent of a car for the entire duration of the trip. The advantage of this modality is that you can make the city transfers at the time that suits you and in an economical way.

Shared Modality

In this modality, transfers between cities and most of the tours are made in shared mode with other tourists. It is a comfortable and economical way to make your itinerary in Costa Rica

Private Modality

This is the most comfortable way to make the trip. Enjoy the road while your driver takes you through Costa Rica.

Mixed Category and Modality

Trips to Costa Rica can be adapted to your needs. Our expert travel agents can help you adapt your budget to your needs and mix the modality and category in different parts of your trip.