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Tours Mexico City and surroundings

The perfect trip to Mexico City

Arriving in Mexico City from Europe or another distant destination

  • 6 days
  • Start: Ciudad de Mexico, México
  • End: Ciudad de Mexico, México

Travel Designer Review:


I created this itinerary after hosting family and friends from all over the world for several years at my home in Mexico City. I planned it so that they enjoy this monster-beautiful city to the fullest.

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Day 1: Arriving in Mexico City from Europe or another distant destination

Transfer from Mexico City Airport to lodging

Mexico City airport has two terminals. If your flight is by Aeroméxico, you will likely arrive to terminal 2. If your flight is by any other airline, the most probable is that your flight will arrive at terminal 1.

In either case my recommendation is the same. Download one of the mobility applications, be it Uber or Didi, and request your transfer.

The other option is to take a taxi. The taxi is a more expensive but the service is usually faster. The taxi will ask you where your lodging is and depending on the location, it will charge you.

What to do when arriving in Mexico City?

Depending on your arrival time in Mexico City, you will have little or a lot of time to enjoy the first day. In either case, I recommend that your arrival be calm, especially if you are traveling from Europe.

Flights from Europe regularly arrive between 4 pm and 8 pm. Tourists arrive tired of spending so much time on the plane (12 hours) and also have to get used to the elevation of Mexico City (2,240 meters).

Whenever friends or family visit us, what I do is plan to go to a taqueria for dinner. The reason is that it is a quiet plan and there are light meal options. Mexican food is delicious, but it can be a bit heavy for some people.

It is also important to keep tourists who come from far away awake and try to get them to sleep after 10 pm. This with the intention of combating jet-lag.

A taqueria is a perfect place to welcome our friends from other parts of the world to Mexico City. I always recommend trying the tacos al pastor, chicharron de queso (especially the French), chicken tacos, guacamole and for those who have a slightly upset stomach from the flight, a chicken broth. A delicious beer to celebrate the start of the trip cannot be missing.

Generally, in all the trips that I design, I recommend staying in the Condesa and Roma neighborhoods in Mexico City. To everyone who books this itinerary I will share the best taquerias that I always take on my foreign visits.


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Day 1: Ciudad de Mexico, México
Dia 1: Ciudad de Mexico, México
Arriving in Mexico City from Europe or another distant destination
Day 2: Ciudad de Mexico, México
Dia 2: Ciudad de Mexico, México
Visit Teotihuacan from Mexico City
Day 3: Ciudad de Mexico, México
Dia 3: Ciudad de Mexico, México
San Angel and Coyoacán
Day 4: Ciudad de Mexico, México
Dia 4: Ciudad de Mexico, México
Historic Center and Afternoon in Condesa
Day 5: Ciudad de Mexico, México
Dia 5: Ciudad de Mexico, México
Chapultepec Castle, Museum of Anthropology and Polanco
Day 6: Ciudad de Mexico, México
Dia 6: Ciudad de Mexico, México

Visited Places and Cities

Ciudad de Mexico, México

Expected hotels

    Mexico D.f.
  • Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico****
  • Mexico
  • Sofitel Mexico City Reforma****
  • Ciudad De Mexico
  • InterContinental Presidente Mexico City****
  • Condesa DF****
  • Live Aqua Urban Resort México****
  • Camino Real Polanco Mexico****

Suggested Activities and Notes

The following suggested activities and notes are not included in the reservation of this itinerary. The Travel Designer included them so that you can optionally do them on your own during your trip.

    Day 1
  • Transfer from Mexico City Airport to lodging
  • What to do when arriving in Mexico City?
  • Day 2
  • Turibus through Teotihuacán with a stop at the Basilica of Guadalupe
  • Craft Market: La Ciudadela
  • Day 3
  • Morning visit to San Angel
  • Afternoon visit Coyoacán
  • Day 4
  • Breakfast in El Cardenal
  • Walking tour Mexico City Historic Center
  • Recommended restaurants between Historic Center and Condesa
  • Walk through Condesa and Roma Norte
  • Day 5
  • Visit the Chapultepec Castle
  • Visit the Museo Nacional de Antropología and other museums
  • Day 6
  • *ST-12532*


For years I have received many visits from friends and family mainly from Europe and the USA who want to discover Mexico City.

Today a friend from Spain asked me to help her organize a trip to Mexico for her best friend who wants to celebrate her honeymoon in Mexico. So I decided to make this trip itinerary to Mexico City that I hope will serve her and everyone who is reading this trip.

Mexico City is a special and unique place in the world. Maybe I think so because I am originally from Mexico City and have spent most of my life there. I spent my childhood and adolescence in a house very close to the center of Coyoacán in the southern part of the city. Later I moved to the Condesa neighborhood and spent a few years living there with roommates from Spain, Italy and Austria.

What is this itinerary about? 

I am going to try to guide you so that you visit the places you have to see in Mexico City and also visit others that I am personally going to recommend. I will try to organize the itinerary so that every moment is worth it. Mexico City is so big and so diverse that obviously we will not have time to see everything and you will most likely want to return later. There will be a lot of tourist activities and also a lot of delicious food!

The first day I am going to recommend that you go to dinner at a taqueria. The reason is that I don't know what time you arrive and usually everyone arrives very tired and sometimes late.

On the second day I am going to recommend you to visit the pyramids of Teotihuacan. Without a doubt, it is one of the places that you cannot miss. The visit is quite tiring, and in my experience, many prefer to do it on the first day. If you don't want to do something so tiring the first day you can always change the order of the activities for each day.

On the third day I am going to recommend you to visit Coyoacán and San Angel to the south of the city. This part is very famous because the renowned artist Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Riviera grew up here. I highly recommend you watch the Sandra Hayek movie.

On the fourth day I am going to recommend you to walk around the Condesa, the Roma and the City Center. There are so many things to see. I will try to guide you to see the best ones.

On the fifth day I am going to recommend you to go to Xochimilco and the chinampas.

To see more details of this travel itinerary please clic on de description of each day.


The maps are automatically generated and an indicative and inaccurate representation of the route.

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Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico
Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico

Calle 16 de Septiembre #82 Colonia Centro

Sofitel Mexico City Reforma
Sofitel Mexico City Reforma

Avenida Paseo De La Reforma 297

InterContinental Presidente Mexico City
InterContinental Presidente Mexico City

Campos Eliseos 218 Col Polanco

Condesa DF
Condesa DF

Avenida Veracruz 102 Condesa

Live Aqua Urban Resort México
Live Aqua Urban Resort México

Av. Paseo De Los Tamarindos No.98 Col. Bosques De

Camino Real Polanco Mexico
Camino Real Polanco Mexico

Mariano Escobedo No. 700

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