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Tours Copper Canyon

6 Days Chepe Express Tourist COMPLETE TOURS (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) Mochis-El Fuerte-Bahuichivo-Copper Canyon-Creel-Chihuahua

  • 6 days
  • Start: Los Mochis, México
  • End: Chihuahua, México

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Travel Designer Review:


It has all the tours, such as a city tour in Creel, Parque Aventura, where the zip line and the cable car are. In Bahuichivo I put the route to the Gallego Hill and the Urique oriel. You are really going to have fun and enjoy this long ecotourism trip in Mexico!

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Day 1: Los Mochis, México - El Fuerte, México
Arrival in Los Mochis - Indigenous populations - El Fuerte
Day 2: El Fuerte, México - Bahuichivo, México
El Fuerte - Chepe Express Train Tourist - Bahuichivo - Cerocahui
Day 3: Cerocahui, México - Barrancas del Cobre, México
Cerocahui - Gallego Hill - Urique Canyon - Land transfer by truck - Copper Canyon
Day 4: Barrancas del Cobre, México - Creel, México
Copper Canyon - Adventure Park - Divisadero Market - Transfer to Creel - Ride in Creel - Creel*
Day 5: Creel, México - Chihuahua, México
Creel - Surroundings of Creel - Lake of Arareko - Mission of San Ignacio - Valleys of Rock Formations - Transfer to Chihuahua
Day 6: Chihuahua, México
Dia 6: Chihuahua, México
Chihuahua - Airport - End of our services

Visited Places and Cities

Los Mochis, México El Fuerte, México Bahuichivo, México Cerocahui, México Barrancas del Cobre, México Creel, México Chihuahua, México

Expected hotels

    Day 1
  • Lodging at Hotel Posada del Hidalgo at El Fuerte ****
  • Day 2
  • Cerocahui Mission (Full Board) ****
  • Day 3
  • Hotel Mirador (Full board) *****
  • Day 4
  • Accommodation Option: The Lodge At Creel ****
  • Accommodation Option: Quinta Misión ****
  • Day 5
  • Lodging at Hotel Ramada Encore ****
  • Accommodation option: Quality Inn ****

Price include

    Day: 1

  • Transfer from Los Mochis Airport to El Fuerte
  • Capomos Tour
  • Historical Walk in El Fuerte
  • Day: 2

  • Breakfast at Hotel Posada del Hidalgo* (Según hospedaje)
  • Transfer from El Fuerte to the train station
  • Chepe Express Tourist One Way: El Fuerte-Bahuichivo T1
  • Transfer from Bahuichivo Train Station to Cerocahui
  • Dinner included at Hotel Misión Cerocahui
  • Day: 3

  • Breakfast at Hotel Mision* (Según hospedaje)
  • Tour to Cerro del Gallego and Urique Viewpoint
  • Transfer from Bahuichivo to Posada Barrancas
  • Meal included at Hotel Mirador* (Según hospedaje)
  • Dinner included at the Mirador Hotel* (Según hospedaje)
  • Day: 4

  • Breakfast Included at Hotel Mirador* (Según hospedaje)
  • QM Tour to Copper Canyon Adventure Park from Divisadero and end in Creel
  • Day: 5

  • Breakfast at Quinta Mision* (Según hospedaje)
  • Breakfast at the Lodge at Creel* (Según hospedaje)
  • QM Tour 1 - Creel Surroundings Tour ending in Creel
  • QM - Transfer from Creel to hotels in Chihuahua
  • Day: 6

  • Breakfast at Ramada Hotel in Chihuahua* (Según hospedaje)
  • Continental breakfast at Quality Inn Chihuahua Hotel
  • QM - Transfer from your hotel in Chihuahua to the airport


Travel to the only passenger train in Mexico: El Tren Chepe!

This trip includes the route of the Copper Canyon from Sinaloa in Los Mochis and ending in Chihuahua, Chihuahua. Find the best flights and purchase options with this route!

This route has different advantages: you will start with the heat of the coast in Sinaloa (you can request an extension and get to know the wonderful Maviri beach and the port of Topolobampo), then the Magical Town of El Fuerte awaits you with a unique tour of the indigenous communities (which you can exchange for a raft ride on the El Fuerte river). We finish with a walk through El Fuerte, where you will know all the historical points of this town.

The train sounds coming! It is time to get on the Chepe Express Train in the direction of Bahuichivo. From here we will go to Cerocahui with the second highest vineyard in Mexico and a walk to one of the highest points of the Copper Canyon: El Cerro del Gallego (Prepare your camera, it is one of the most important points for which happen!)

Then we will go to one of the most beautiful points: The mythical Hotel Mirador. This hotel is stranded in the Copper Canyon. From the terrace, the dining room or your room you will have a unique view from the moment you arrive at your accommodation until you leave. We recommend waking up early to see the sunrise, a unique experience worthy of the best photography: on one side you will see the sun rise while the other end of the ravine is in darkness. Pay attention, you will hear nature speak.

After an exquisite breakfast we will go to Parque Aventura, where you can launch yourself on the Zip Rider, a series of 7 zip-line stations, the cable car or the aerial forest. You can also waitThen we will visit another Magical Town: Creel. Have your shopping ready! Take a lunch box because we will buy delicious cheeses. We suggest you try the delicious pizza from Hotel The Lodge (not included) with a good pint from the hotel's factory.

We will finish this trip going to Chihuahua. Not before going to the Mennonite communities where we will see the dairy production processes. More cheeses, compotes and jams ready to go!

Your lodging will be in the best hotels of each season, the most recognized and emblematic nationally in the Copper Canyon. The rooms have two double beds and do not have extra bed services. It is important that you do not forget to bring your printed train tickets, these will be sent to you by email after making your payment. If you have alternative meals (vegetarian or vegan), please notify us when making your reservation.


The maps are automatically generated and an indicative and inaccurate representation of the route.



Review from:

Irma Cruz

Muy bonita experiencia todo el tour fue muy bonito


Review from:

Lorena Monserrat Lina

Realmente lo disfrutamos, quizá en otra ocasión realizaría el viaje en sentido contrario y tomaría dos días para detenerme en Creel y dos días en Divisadero. Podría omitir la parada en Bahuichivo, para tomar la ruta más larga del tren Chepe y aprovechar las 8hrs de parada a parada


Review from:

Lorena Monserrat Lina

Realmente lo disfrutamos, quizá en otra ocasión realizaría el viaje en sentido contrario y tomaría dos días para detenerme en Creel y dos días en Divisadero. Podría omitir la parada en Bahuichivo, para tomar la ruta más larga del tren Chepe y aprovechar las 8hrs de parada a parada


Review from:

Cristina Jones

Muy bueno


Review from:

Hector Mario Velazquez Arrollo

Todo excelente, los hoteles , los guias, los lugares. maravillosa experiencia gracias

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